Smt. K.R.Gouri – Land Revenue

Smt. K.R.Gouri
Land Revenue

K.R.GOURI AMMA Graduate BL; Daughter of Shri.K.A.Raman and Smt.Parvati Amma; born on 14 July 1919; Husband; T.V.Thomas, Ex-Minister.Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-53) and (1954-56), 1st KLA [Sherthalai-CPI], 2nd KLA [Sherthalai-CPI], 3rd KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 4th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 6th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 7th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 8th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 9th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 10th KLA [Aroor-JSS], 11th KLA [Aroor-JSS].

Minister for Revenue from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959 and from 06-03-1967 to 01-11-1969; Minister for Agriculture & Social Welfare from 25-01-1980 to 20-10-1981, Minister for Industries and Social Welfare from 02-04-1987 to 17-06-1991, Minister for Agriculture & Coir 17-05-2001 to 29-08-2004 and since 31-08-2004; Chairman, Committee on Government Assurances (1960-1961), Public Accounts Committee (1986-87); Parliamentary Party Leader, JSS; Was Member CPI(M) State Secretariat; President Kerala Karshaka Sangham (1960-84), Kerala Mahila Sangham (1967-76); Secretary, Kerala Mahila Sangham (1976-87); Was jailed on a number of occasions for political activities; Expelled from CPI(M) in 01-01-1994; In 1994 formed Janathipathya Samrakshana Samiti (JSS); Presently, General Secretary J.S.S.

Longest serving member.

Address : Kalathilparambil, Chathanad, Avalookkunnu P.O, Alappuzha.