April 1957

April 1-Indian Communist Party Secretary, Ajayaghosh opposes Governor’s statement on the nomination of an Anglo Indian member to the Kerala Assembly.

April 2-E.M.S. leaves for Trivandrum to submit the panel of Ministers.

April 3-E.M.S. submits the list of eleven ministers to Kerala Governor.

April 5-E.M.S. and other Ministers take oath on 12.30p.m at Raj Bhavan.

April 6-Government set free many political prisoners and several capital punishments repealed.

April 7-An amendment may be passed to fix Rs. 350 as the salary of Ministers.

April 10-• A Salary Commission appointed to inquire the salary of government employees.
• Rosamma Punnoose takes oath as the temporary Speaker.

April 11-Kerala Governor releases an ordinance to ban all the evictions undergoing in the state.

April 16-Kerala Government has proposed the Revenue Board to unify the service conditions of the village officials

April 17-Minister for Law orders probe on police tortures.

April 21-Minister for Food & Civil supplies discusses Kerala’s food scarcity in Delhi.

April 24-Bus service in Trivandrum- Kannur route from today.

April 25-Government decides to stay Public Service Consultation Regulations. Kerala gives paid holiday on May 1st .

April 26-Sankaranarayanan Thampi gives nomination for the post of Speaker.

April 27-Kerala Assembly’s first session; Sankaranarayanan Thampi unanimously elected as speaker.

April 28-A Bill on the salary scale of ministers- Though Rs. 500 is permitted, only 350 will be received.