August 1957

August 1

Kerala Governor releases an ordinance to add a new policy to Thiru Kochi irrigation. This ordinance ensures the timely interventions of District Collector or other concerning officers to the lands where the owners are not intending to cultivate.

August 2

Electricity to 45 villages in Palghat
A Committee to inquire the problems on salary revision of Panchayat employees.

August 3

A commission to inquire the removal of garbage disposal at Cheruvannoor.
Government decides to supply electricity for 108 centers at Malabar.

August 4

Communist Party takes final decision on Agrarian Relations Bill after deliberations.

August 5

Dr. A R .Menon (Minister for Health) inaugurates classes at Kozhikode medical college.

August 6

Project to help small scale industry
Order to exempt dried fish and text books from sales tax.

August 10

Rs.35 lakh Project for the development of Sitaram mill.

August 16

Kerala Government fights all problems with a service mentality,” says Rajendra Prasad.

August 19

Some alternations made on Education Bill; Amendment to panel system and school property on the premises of the church exempted.

August 21

Defense Minister in Trivandrum
Government made new bill to give away wages to tenants for kazhikkoora chamayam.
Loans to farmers who faced crop destruction by flood. Kozhikode district gets Rs. 10,000.

August 22

Deliberations on University Bill.
Advisory committee set up for Kerala Assembly.
Question hour; Deliberations on University Bill after urgent submissions.

August 23

Fourth conference of the first assembly convened.
Assembly passes Irrigation Act amendment bill. The amendment gives price to district officers and other officials for bunding & pumping.

August 24

Education Bill Select Committee submits its reports.
Bill to hinder the unlawful encroachments was send to Select Committee.
Government decides to buy rice from Andhra Pradesh.

August 26

Second Five Year Plan allots 12½ lakh to coir industry in Malabar
Kerala University Bill passed .Some of suggestions of the opposition can be considered,”says Minister.
Unemployment solution; Government passed a sub request for grant worth 13 lakh rupees.
Panchayat elections to be conducted before 1958 July. Democratic committees have been setup to determine panchayat boundaries.

August 27

Bill to provide compensation to tenants sends to Select Committee.

Insolvency law made applicable to Malabar.

Government denied congress resolution requesting referendum. Amendment on Education Bill presented before the assembly. 319 amendments made for the 39 sections of the bill.

August 28

Advocate General today said that Educational Bill is neither against constitution nor blocking right to open educational institutions of their own. Passed three clauses of the bill.

Amendments on District Board Bill.

Government presented the list of aid given to fisherman in Kannur and Kozhikode districts.

Six new dispensaries in Malabar this year.

August 30

Second reading of Education Bill ends. Some amendments suggested by the opposition included.