Dissenting minutes of C.H.Muhammed Koya


I set forth the following points whereon I differ from the majority report.

11. Appointment of teachers in Government and aided schools._ Under clause 11, the appointment of teachers is to be made from a list published by the Service Commission. The candidates shall be selected for each district separately and list of candidates so selected shall be published in the Gazette. In my opinion there must be one list for the whole State which contains the names of all qualified persons.

12. Condition of Service of aided school teachers.__ In clause 12, sub-clause (4) the Manager should have a right to suspend the teacher but no suspension shall be valid without the approval of the Officer. This may be necessary in the interest of the proper running of the school.
15. Power to acquire any category of schools.- This clause will lead to the gradual liquidation of private schools and thereby adversely affect the advancement of education in our State. Many aided schools established and run by the minority communities will come under the Government. This clause should be omitted.

17 &18. Establishment and function of local authorities.- In my opinion these clauses are unnecessary. The proposed committees will open the flood gates of confusion and political rivalries. It will not serve any useful purpose and is not worth the trouble and cost.

33. Courts not to grant injunction.- This clause is an infringement of the right of the citizens and it cannot be justified.

C.H.Mohammed Koya,
Member, select Committee