July 1957

July 1

Madras Assembly lauds Kerala’s surplus Budget.

July 2

Kerala government decides to standardize service conditions of employees of PWD/Electricity Board.

July 3

Committee to inquire about the farmlands in Kuthali estates.

July 4

Bonus for the workers at Kundara due to the timely intervention of T. V .Thomas.
Central government lends more money for Kerala’s water supply.
Kerala will get about 25000 tons of rice every month,” K.C. George unveils decision taken on southern division conference.
Rice supply to Kerala depot cannot be hiked,” says Cabinet Minister for food.

July 5

Payment of NGOs hiked and sales tax on milk & ghee food products taken away,” says E.M.S. at a press conference.
Land Reforms Bill ready to be enacted. Central government recommends no amendment to University Bill.
Fee concession to backward classes, also be given after matriculation.

July 6

Debt relief for farmers. Measures taken to institute this law in Malabar. The debts have to be paid back in 10 equal installments by 5 years.
No fees for fourth forum students with casual income less then Rs. 1200 -Government order.

July 7

A new approach to education sector – Kerala government’s Education Bill published.

July 8

Government takes no policy for the nationalization of education.
Government orders to buy soaps and cod-liver oil made in government factories.

July 9

A compromise on the wages of rubber workers as Rs. 1.11.

July 12

Valapattanom river valley project, a multipurpose project aiming at irrigation, electricity generation, water transport to get implemented.
Government decides to take over the management of private forest for 5 years. Kerala government publishes the Forest Bill.
Kerala Assembly reconvened today.
Action to wipe off master- servant relationship in education sector-Education Minister releases an explanatory note.
Committee to probe on the minimum wages of workers in cardamom estates.

July 13

Discussions on Education Bill.
Committee to draw the boundary of reserve forest.

July 14

New health centers at Malabar- decision made in the conference of Health Minister and MLAs.
Government press release banned demonstrations on the premises of Assembly.
Government inquiries about the prohibition of intoxicating liquors.
Agriculture Income Tax Bill published.
A new cable factory to be started in Kerala.

July 15

The assembly passed the request for grant of tax collection.
Reservation of seats in university.
Government restructures the Revenue department.
Requests for grant are passed,” says C.Achuthamenon.

July 16

Assembly passes request for grant to counter flood devastation.

July 17

Minister hints at the amendments in the Education Bill.
Mid-day meals for students – Education Minister at Assembly.
Sub requests for grants have been passed in Kerala Assembly’s fifth day
Rice supply in Kozhikode Taluk.

July 18

Government appoints Planning Advisory Board.
The Bill taking away the upsurge in sales tax of the textiles passed.
Kerala Assembly had a question hour on the objectives of the promotion of police officers.
Deliberation on Money Transaction Bill.
Surveys on Kerala’s lignite and mica deposits – Minister for Industries.

July 19

No ban on intoxicating liquors to be enacted,” says Revenue Minister. The publishing of Land Reforms Bill will be delayed.
Government to implement law on debt relief.
Process servers will not be dismissed- Kerala government notification.

July 20

Education bill send to Select Committee. Measures against encroachment of government land will be taken,” says Chief Minister

July 22

Government to make laws to help farmers. Central government not against Education Bill-talk in Assembly.
A new bill to amend Stay of Eviction bill.
Revenue Minister speaks about basic land tax.

July 23

Government discusses unified sales tax law.
Assembly passes three bills. Government policy is to nationalize forest.
Government decided to hinder all police actions against public.

July 24

Amendments on University bill by Select Committee published.
Aided primary teachers federation of Kerala expresses solidarity to education bill

July 25

Amendments made to agricultural income tax. New tax rate for companies in accordance with the Select Committee report.

July 26

Kerala Assembly called off.

July 28

State Planning Advisory Board conference- A sub Committee is instituted to submit memorandum to Central government.

July 29

‘Kerala needs more economic back up’- State Planning Board decides to ask for more grants from Centre.

July 31

Kerala government is not borrowing money from open market this year,” says Finance Minister.
Government decides to build harijan hostels at Kasargod & Hosdurg and a harijan at Pandhoor.
Government takes immediate action for disaster management.
Tobacco Research Institute at Pallikara-Government conducts a primary inquiry.