July 1959

July 7

Nehru told that even though Central government want to avoid their intervention on Kerala they have to under go the same if there is no other solution.

July 8

The State Committee of the Communist Party asked the government to take strong actions against those who break the peaceful life of common people.

July 9

Chief Minister E.M.S. reached Delhi to discuss Kerala’s political situation with the Centre.

July 10

KPCC submitted a ‘Nivedana pathram’ (petition) to the President of India.

EMS visited the president at and discussed the situation in Kerala.

July 11

R.Shankar submitted a copy of ‘nivedanapathram’ to the Governor.

July 12

The times of India reported that the nivedanapathram submitted by KPCC was sent to the home ministry with a short note by president of India. It also reported that the President has written a long letter to Nehru on this matter .It is said that he has asked to solve the problems in Kerala peacefully.

K M Munshi asked that the Central government should intervene in Kerala.

July 13

An important meeting of the National Council of Communist Party of India was convened at Thiruvananthapuram. The council asked the party members to help the government in maintaining law and order without falling into any act of provocation.

July 14

The working committee of All India Hindu Mahasabha approved a resolution contempting the opposition agitations.

July 15

A resolution asking the government’s resignation was passed by the members of local administration and assembly who belong to the opposition.

A march conducted by the oppositions in name of martyrs went to the Governor and submitted a petition asking the government for its resignation.

July 16

The National Council concluded with a discussion that there is no need for a bye election and the government need not resign, joint confrontation is the only way to solve the problems. A grand march and public meeting were held as part of the concluding ceremony.


Opposition leader in Delhi to meet President and Central Ministers.

PSP – Congress – Muslim league to form coalition for the coming municipal elections

July 18

Police registers case against some leading news papers and opposition leaders in Kerala.

July 27

The general secretary of the communist party of India Ajayghosh blames the Central government for aiding the agitation against Kerala government.

July 29

Central government to intervene in Kerala reports P.T.I.

July 30

P.T.I reports that the President will sign in the proclamation to dispose the government of Kerala in accordance with the 356th section of Indian constitution.

July 31

President Dr. Rajendra Prasad today at 6 PM signed the proclamation which disperses the Communist government in Kerala.

In the speech addressing the officials of the secretariat Chief Minister E.M.S. asked them to take Kerala to the top position in the development programmes.