May 1958

May 2

British expects recommends Kochi as the apt place for India’s second shipyard.

May 3

Kerala Government bans the sale of atta, rava, and sugar suspecting poison content.

May 4

Poisonous liquid chemical ‘Folidol’ is identified as the cause of food poison. Food containers were imported in Cochin port along with this lethal chemical.

May 7

Kerala Government ordered to freeze the stock of all food containers imported by ‘Jai hind’ ship in Cochin Port on April 1st

May 8

Kerala Government sent letter to centre requesting to put up a ship building centre in Kerala.

Kerala’s advocate Mr. D.N.Prit argued in Supreme Court that Christians are not minority in Kerala.

Mr. D.N.Prit concluded his arguments by telling that a minority school will no more be a minority school if they receive grant from the Government.

May 10

Government decides to take over the management of Thiruvanoor cotton mill.

May 12

Supreme Court trial on Kerala Education Bill concluded.

May 13

Government appointed one member commission of Justice P.T. Raman Nair to inquire on Andhra Rice scandal.

May 14

Kerala gazette publishes a Government order on reorganization of state’s Education system. As per the order, the term of school education will be 11 years.

May 16

70 – 75% polling in Devikulam.

May 19

Rosamma Punnoose wins the Devikulam by-election.

Kerala Government orders to set off managing councils in all state-owned factories.

May 20

Government releases its policy on the appointment and transfer of government

May 22

British expert team accredited Kochi as the 2nd public sector ship building center.

Supreme Court judgment on Educational Bill is a victory for Kerala. Educational Bill is constitutional. As the Court stated that 3(5) clause of 30(1) section violates minority right, that clause will be invalid.