November 1957

November 4

Kerala Governments’ housing schemes for workers, middle class and under privileged.

November 5

Emergency squads setup for disaster management.

November 7

Government gives vast power to anti corruption department.

Recommendations to establish tapioca- macroni factory in Kerala.

November 9

Agrarian Relations Bill is all set and have been sent for the Centre’s consent,” says Revenue Minister

Government brings about change in promotion ratios of graduate and non graduate officials.

November 10

Government promises land for landless harijans.

November 12

Lift irrigation scheme to boost up production. “Government will provide pump sets, price have to be remitted within five years,” says Krishna Iyer.

November 13

Government will provide special consideration to Muslim minority, says Krishna Iyer.

Kerala government notification on public holidays.

November 14

Small Scale irrigation project to be started in Trivandrum.

The election result of Rosamma Punnoose cancelled.

Government gives permission to Deputy Inspector for signing the salary bill of the teachers of newly acquired schools.

November 15

Stay of Eviction Bill published in unusual gazette.

Promotion ratio is not valid in Malabar region- Government decision.

Government implies ban on sugar black marketing in Mahi border.

Kerala government circular to reduce expenditure.

A new bill introduced to extend the Stay of Eviction Bill to April 1958.

November 18

No need of advance permission to conduct public meetings and rallies.

November 19

No future for graduate – non graduate ratio; government statement.

November 20

Committee set up to conduct inquiry on bus routes.

November 21

Debt Relief Bill published. The money borrowed by farmers before 1940 will be reduced.

Government setup Committees for the distribution of land.

Syllabus committee & text book committee has been setup.

Assurance on the salary of higher grade teachers.

November 22

Government will support the workers on interim salary hike.

November 23

This year’s budget has set Rs. 30 lakhs for the welfare of harijans, says C. C. Kunjan

The Abolition of ‘janmikaram’ payment bill published in unusual budget. Kerala gives full authority to tenants

Celebration Committee of the museum has been setup including a workers representative.

November 24

Gramapanchayats inaugurated. “People waiting hopefully for the results”, says E.M.S.

November 24

Madhava Menon appointed for the probe on Kattamballi.

November 25

Parasite Control Bill published. The licenses will be implemented on the storage and distribution of parasites.

November 27

S. S & A board for the state. A separate S. S. & A district board for Malabar and Kasargod region.