Shri. N.E. Balaram

Teacher, born on 20 November 1919; Wife:Pankajakshy; 2 Sons, 2 Daughters.

Member, 1st KLA [Mattanur-CPI], 2nd KLA [Mattanur-CPI], 4th KLA [Tellicherry-CPI].

Minister for Industries from 04-10-1970 to 24-09-1971; Member, Rajya Sabha (1985-94); Secretary, CPI State Council; Member, CPI National Council & Central Executive.

Publications: ‘Indiayude Piravi’, ‘Dhanasastra Silpikal’, ‘Moonnu Internationalukalude Charitram’, ‘Idathupaksha Communism’, ‘Adhunika Muthalalitham’ and ‘History of the Communist Party of India’.

Expired on 16-07-1994 while serving as Member of the Parliament; Obituary made on 18-07-1994