Shri. R. Prakasam

MA; Son of Shri P.M. Raman and Smt.A.Bharathy; born On 22 March 1927; Wife:D.Lilly: 2 Sons, 3 Daughters.

Member, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (1954), 1st KLA [Attingal-CPI].

Joined the Communist Party in 1946; Chairman , Attingal Municipal Council in 1953 and 1956; Participated in the Transport Workers strike in 1954; Member, Kerala University Senate, Arbitration Board (Labour Department) Industrial Relations Board, Municipal Law Unification Committee ; High Power Watchdog Committee of Government (1975-76); President, Kumaran Asan Memorial, Kayikkara; Chairman, KILE, Minimum Wages Committee, Madya Vyavasaya Thozhilali Union; Visisted Cuba and Patric Lumumba University, Moscow at the invitation of their cultural departments; Secretary, CBSE Schools, Sivagiri and Alwaye.

Authorised six books including ‘Vyavasaya Bandhathinulla Mukhavura’, ‘Kalathinotha Police’.

Recipient of Indira Priyadarsini Vrikshamitra Award in 1992.

Address : Gokulam, Parippally.