Shri. V. Sreedharan

ESLC; Son of Shri.Velayudhan and Smt.Lekshmy; born in March 1918.

Member, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (Two terms), 1st KLA [Ulloor-CPI], 3rd KLA [Attingal-CPI(M)], (Elected in bye-election held on10-6-1969 and took oath on 4-8-1969).

Chairman, House Committee (1957-58) and (1958-59); Active member of Travancore State Congress and Secretary of its District Committee; Joined Communist Party in 1941; Participated in Freedom movement and the agitation for responsible government; Imprisoned for 9 years; Went underground several times; District Secretary, Undivided Communist Party and CPI(M) for a long period; State Committee Member, CPI(M).

Expired on 29-03-1994; Obituary made on 20-04-1994.