The attainments of to-day

The attainments of today.

After the liberation of India from foreign domination, the continuous agitation of teachers for better salary and conditions of service has considerably improved the situation. At present we have more than ten thousand schools (Lower Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools) in the Kerala State. The teaching personnel would be over 70,000. More than half of the schools in the State are owned by private agencies. In the Travcancore-Cochin area, the most outstanding agencies are Christians (Churches), Nairs (N.S.S.) and Ezhavas (S.N.D.P.). Of the three, the foremost is the Christian community. Among the Christian agencies, those belonging to the Roman Catholic community stand first. In the Malabar area, most of the agencies are individuals.

In addition to the standardization of courses, text books and examinations, Government has prescribed qualifications and scales of pay for teaching personnel in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. It means that the entire system of education is already under the control of Government. During President’s Rule it was ordered that the salaries of teachers in private schools would be paid in full from the Treasury. This amounted to more or less equalisation of salaries and allowances of teachers in public sector and the private sector. Differences still to be done away with are very few. They are mainly with regard to pay, allowances, and conditions of service of private school teachers in the Secondary stage where still tuition fee is being collected.
Teaching of Religion which was once upon a time the aim of missionary schools, has since been taken out of the curriculum. But schools managed by private agencies are free to teach Religion before time or after time within the premises of the school provided the parents of the children who attend religious instruction do not object.

The following important points emerge from the account:-
(i) All the schools managed by private agencies in the State are within the school system sponsored and controlled by the State.
(ii) The system of education obtained in those schools is as secular as that obtained in Government schools.
(iii) The recurring expenditure is disbursed in full from the Treasury.
(iv) Appointment and security of service of teachers are at the mercy of the managers in spite of departmental regulations.