Two Communists killed in clash in Edamalai estate:The Indian Express

Two Communists killed in Clash in Edamalai Estate.
Trivandrum, August 5.

Two Communist workers died on the spot as a result of a clash between I.N.T.U.C. and Communist workers in Edamalai Estate at Vandiperiyar in High Ranges yesterday.
The workers died due to stabbing injuries, according to official information here. A few I.N.T.U.C. workers are also reported to have sustained injuries.
A ministerial spokesman said to-day that Government had been receiving complaints of Congress and I.N.T.U.C. workers indulging in violence in the plantation areas against Communist workers. Police have been posted in the troubled areas.
A Press release issued by Government said that the clash occurred after a meeting held by I.N.T.U.C. group to protest against the Kerala Education Bill. The I.N.T.U.C. leader, Thankappan, and eight others have been arrested. Seven persons who were injured have been admitted in hospital.
The situation was brought under control by the Police.

(The Indian Express – 16th August 1957.)