Month: April 2017

Articles on Written By The First Communist Ministry Dr.Prabhath Patnaik Towards 1957 Dr.K.N.Panikar Historic Significance of Kerala First Ministry P.Govinda Pillai The Education Bill of 1957: A Re Look into the Historical Context Dr:Michal Tharakan Legislative History Dr.N.K.Jayakumar A Historical and Political Analysis on Kerala's Social Development Dr.Rajan kurukal FIRST COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT IN KERALA : IN RETROSPECT Professor B. Vivekanandan FIRST COMMUNIST MINISTRY IN KERALA: AN INNOVATIVE E [...]

BA, BL; Advocate; Born in 1902. Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1952), 1st KLA [Balussery-PSP], 2nd KLA [Balussery-Independent]. Chairman, Public Accounts Committee (1957-58), Committee on Subordinate Legislation (1959-60), (1960-62) & (1963-64); Deputy Leader, P.S.P. Legislature Party both in Madras and Kerala Legislative Assemblies; Member, AICC; Congress man till 1959; PCc Secretary; participated in Quit India Movement and was convicted for two years; Later joined KMPP and PSP; Expir [...]

Graduate, BL; Advocated; Born on 17 June 1915; 9 Children. Member, 1st KLA [Malappuram-ML], 2nd KLA [Malappuram-ML]. Chairman, Estimates Committee (1960-62); Deputy Leader, Muslim League Legislature Party; Leader, Muslim Leager Legislature Party from June 1961 to November 1961; Secretary, Muslim League Legislature Party; Municipal Councillor, Kottayam and For Cochin; Participated in Quit India Movement; Joined the Muslim League in 1951. Expired on 15-06-1983; Obituary made on 16-07-1983.

August 1 Residents of the capital city gave the former members of Ministry a warm welcome. August 2 Pandit Nehru justifies Central intervention in Kerala in Congress parliamentary meet. In Delhi Communist Party general secretary Ajayghosh speaks about the series of events in Kerala. August 3 Walkout by Communist members and others from parliament against Central intervention. August 4 Communist Party Kerala State Committee passed the resolution blaming the Central Congress leadership for its con [...]

July 7 Nehru told that even though Central government want to avoid their intervention on Kerala they have to under go the same if there is no other solution. July 8 The State Committee of the Communist Party asked the government to take strong actions against those who break the peaceful life of common people. July 9 Chief Minister E.M.S. reached Delhi to discuss Kerala’s political situation with the Centre. July 10 KPCC submitted a ‘Nivedana pathram’ (petition) to the President of India. EMS v [...]

June 1 Twenty four literary persons including Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai in a joint statement expressed their concern over the school picketing and anti social activities followed by the Catholic priesthood of Kerala. June 3 The General Secretary of the Communist Party of India Ajayghosh insisted the people of Kerala to follow June 8th to14th as Kerala week in order to attain public support against the dispersal of the democratic government. June 4 Communist MPs from Kerala met Prime Minister to di [...]

April 1 Production units to be set up in Village, block, Taluks, district to increase production. April 2 Budget concludes. Industrial Relations Bill presented. The assembly will have its next session on April 16 to discuss about Agrarian relations Bill. April 3 Minister Krishna Iyer requested the people to have peaceful demonstrations and meetings on April 5. Kerala Lease & Rent Control Bill passed. April 6 Salary hike for specialist teachers in Malabar area. The price has been hiked from 3 [...]

January 13 Government sanctions 32,000 Rs. for dolls exhibition in Trivandrum. January 15 Natural Employment Service report says that Kerala’s employment status has much developed. January 30 Justice Shankaran appointed as Kerala’s Chief justice of Kerala High Court. January 31 Kerala governor Sri. Ramakrishna Rao said in Madhurai that the food status of Kerala has improved and added that the law and order situation is satisfactory.

October 1 Metric system implement in Ernakulam, Kollam and Kozhikode districts. October 2 Government allows different villages to distribute 5000-ton rice allowed by center and the 1000-ton set aside by depots, at a ratio of 1.5 kg per card for one week. October 3 Centre permits to start four new development blocks in Chavara, Kothamangalam, Mullasery and Thirurangady, by October 1959. October 5 More measures to take share capital by weavers. Kerala Government gives 3 lakhs for rebate in 58-59-t [...]