Month: April 2017

The Slaughter in the Altar Article 356 of the Constitution is the outcome of a thought scaled higher on our national integration. But the lofty aim fell to pieces in 1959 when Government of Kerala was dismissed invoking the Provision. The first slaughter in the altar of Indian democracy. Prompted by political games and international conspiracy the stage for the high drama was set. The later revelations and confessions confirmed this unholy alliance. Well, it emboldened the vested interests not o [...]

 1 Shri. Abdul Majeed  2 Shri. K.C. Abraham  3 Shri. M. C. Abraham  4 Shri. C. Achutha Menon  5 Shri. K.S. Achuthan  6 Shri. M.P.M Ahamed Kurikkal  7 Shri. C. Ahamed Kutty  8 Shri. Alexander Parambithara  9 Shri. M.A. Antony  10 Shri. K. Avukaderkutty Naha  11 Shri. C.C. Ayyappan  12 Smt. K.O. Aysha Bai  13 Shri. P. Balachandra Menon  14 Shri. A. Bala Gopalan  15 Shri. R. Balakrishna Pillai  16 Shri. K.A. Balan  17 Shri. N.E. Balaram  18 Shri. T.O. Bava  19 Shri. K. Bhargavan  20 Shri. P. Bhaska [...]

The movement for a united (Aikya) Kerala The movement for a united (Aikya) Kerala gathered momentum with the attainment of independence. The first concrete step in this direction was taken on July 1, 1949. Following the national policy of integration, the State of Kochi and Travancore were merged into Travancore-Kochi State under a Rajpramukh. The next step came with the reorganization of States on a linquistic basis in the light of the report of the States Reorganization Commission. It was deci [...]