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Date of Discussion Name of Mover Subject matter
10-5-1957 Shri K.C. George,
Minister for food
The situation arising from the food position in the state

Shri P.K.Chathan Master,
Minister for Local Self Government

The Report of the Commissioner for Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes for the year 1955

Shri E.M.Sankaran Namboodiripad,
Chief   Minister

The working of the second five year plan
20-12-1957 Shri.K.C. George,
Minister for food
Food position in the state.
1-4-1958 Shri.E.M.Sankaran Namboodiripad,
Chief   Minister
This House recommends that the President of India, may by virtue of powers vested in him Under Section 51(2) of the States reorganization Act, establish a permanent bench of the High Court of Kerala at Trivandrum.
5-7-1958 Shri M.Narayana Kurup  
1-12-1958 and 2-12-1958 Shri E.M.Sankaran Namboodiripad,
Chief  Minister
The Report of the Administrative Reforms Committee.
3-12-1958 and
Shri P.T.Chacko The present Law and Order position in the state.
4-12-1958 Shri R.Prakasam The master plan for the development of water resources of Kerala be discussed.
9-12-1958 Shri M.Narayana Kurup Rise in prices of food grains and the worsening of food situation in the state.