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On the formation the Communist Government

.. I am happy that this great experiment, which is being made in your state, is going to serve as a great lesson not only to other states but to the country as a whole as an example of co-existence, of living and working together, in spite of differences, for the good of all...

Dr.Rajendra Prasad

at a public meeting held at the new police stadium in Trivandrum on August 14 1957

...there is no doubt, a feeling of uneasy misgivings that the communists once in power will upset the settled state of affairs by something drastic, something frightening. The Communist Party unhesitantly declares that there is absolutely no basis for such a scare. Our party has made it quite clear that the Communists in running the Government shall work within the frame work of the Constitution.....It is a welcome sign that the Press in the country have overwhelmingly come out in recommending that the Communists should be called upon to form a Ministry in Kerala.... And indications from the Congress circles also so far point out to a readiness to accept a Communist lead Government in Kerala. These are to be recognized as the encouraging signs of sound health of the Indian democracy........

-The editorial published in the new age on March 21,1957

The victory of the Communist Party in this election is not an accident. It is the natural culmination of the sincere service to the people of kerala by the communist here in the last twenty five years the antipeople activities of the Congress party during the past one decade and the continuous stymieing by other parties in the state to dislodge the Congress party from power.

The coming into power of a Communist government in Kerala in 1957 was looked upon as a socio political miracle by the whole world. But the fact was that kerala society was evolving in such a way as to accept a government with communist ideology although a formal communist party was started only in 1939. Still the dominant section of the Indian National Congress in Malabar viz, the congress socialist party was motivated more by Marxian social synergism than by Gandhian tactics. The communist political philosophy was familiar in Kerala’s society much before the formation of the communist party.

E.M.S. Namboodiripad

... we as the majority party, expect to be called to form a Government; and we are confident of giving the people of kerala a stable Government. Once we form a Government, we are not going to stage an upheaval the next day. What we mean to do is to function in the service of the people within the four corners of the present Constitution. This is nothing into the nature of the Red Revolution. The bogey of revolution, violently upsetting everything is not of our making but of our opponents...........

Mr.M.N.Govindan Nair

Stae Secretary of the Communist Party

...the Kerala ministry was a voyage on uncharted seas. This, was, perhaps the first time in the history of the world Communist movement that the Communist party had agreed to form a ministry under capitalism- with a bourgeois- landlord government controlling the Centre and with effective economic power in the hands of a handful few...

- Leftist radical Ranadive, generalising and evaluating the Kerala pattern in an article entitled’ the lessons of Kerala ‘

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