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HISTORY Kerala's First Ministry

The coming into power of a Communist government
in Kerala on April 5,1957

through electoral victory was looked upon as a socio- political miracle by the whole world..But the fact was that kerala society was evolving in such a way as to accept a government with communist ideology although a formal communist party was started only in 1939. Still the dominant section of the Indian National Congress in Malabar viz, the congress socialist party was motivated more by Marxian social synergism than by Gandhian tactics. The communist political philosophy was familiar in Kerala’s society much before the formation of the communist party.

  • 1957 April 5

    Shri. E.M.S.Namboodiripad and other Ministers take oath on 12.30p.m at Raj Bhavan.

  • 1957 April 24

    -Bus service in Trivandrum- Kannur route from today.

  • 1957 December 3

    Government sanctions new lift irrigation schemes worth 15 lakhs.

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