Agrarian Relation

Reform in agrarian relations was to be the springboard from which a feudalistic society could rapidly transform itself into a modern developed society ripe for industrialization and the growth of service sector. All the Congress leaders accepted this. Still the governments in most of the Indian states resisted from curbing large-scale landlordism lest its feudalist, middle and low level should revolt. The result is that the spring of naxalism in these states is an ever-lasting spring whereas in Kerala it was short lived. Even though the reactionary forces could oust the government with the connivance of the centre at the middle of its tenure the spirit of the Bill defining agrarian relations and related legislature measures continued to ride high and the successive Governments had to carry forward that spirit. Thankfully today the agrarian sector of Kerala Society in free from strife.

Agrarian Relation Bill

Speech by K.R.Gaurima Amma

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