Month: March 2017

Vision, Promises and its Realization During the 28 months in power the first E.M.S. Government initiated steps that had lasting beneficiary effects in Kerala’s Society. In fact the action of that short period of 28 months moulded the progressive segment of the socio-political fabric of Kerala. The steps that this government ushered in were really programmes evolved over a period of two decades from the deliberations of the national movements. They had more to do with the professions and proclama [...]

Details of Assembly Session Year No. of sessions No. of meetings Period No. of sittings Date of Prorogation 1957 1st Session 1st meeting 27th April to 10th May 1957 7 July 27, 1957 1957 do 2nd meeting 7th June to 20th June 1957 11 July 27, 1957 1957 do 3rd meeting 13th July to 25th July 1957 11 September 3, 1957 1957 2nd Session 1st meeting 22nd August to 2nd September 1957 9 September 3, 1957 1957 3rd Session do 12th December to 21stDecember 1957 9 December23,1957 1958 1st Session do 22nd Febru [...]

   Sl.No  ORDINANCES OF 1957 Date of Promulgation 1. The Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings Ordinance, 1957 (Ordinance No. 1 of 1957) 11-04-1957 2. The Travancore - Cochin Irrigation (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957 (Ordinance No. 2 of 1957) 01-08-1957 3. The Madras Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Amendment Ordinance, 1957 (Ordinance No. 3 of 1957) 30-09-1957 4. The Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings (Amendment) Ordinance, 1957 (Ordinance No. 4 of 1957) 10-10-1957 5. The Malabar District Bo [...]

1. Rice Deal Inquiry Commission Report Part 1 2. Rice Deal Inquiry Commission Report Part 2 3. Sabarimala Temple Arson Case-Enquiry Report 4. Report of the Minimum Wages Advisory Committee for Public Motor Transport Industry 5. Select Committee Report on the Kerala Re-Enacting Bill 6 Report of Select Committe on the Sthanam Properties(Assumption of Temporary Management and Control)And the Hindu Succession Amendentment) Bill,1957

1. The Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings Bill, 1957 (Act 1 of 1957) 2. The Kerala Appropriation (No.1) Bill, 1957((Act 2 of 1957) 3. The Koodalmanickam Devaswom Proclamation (Amendment) Bill, 1957 (Act 3 of 1957). 4. The Payment of Salaries and Allowances (Amendment) Bill, 1957 (Act 4 of 1957) 5. The Kerala Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 1957(Act 5 of 1957) 6. The Kerala Contingency Fund Bill, 1957 (Act 6 of 1957) 7. The Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceedings (Amendment) Bill, 1957(Act 7 of 1957) 8. [...]

Legislations that changed Kerala Researchers venturing into the political history of Kerala will have a lot to toil around the legislative business done during the first Legislative Assembly. The Bills and Ordinances passed by the first Legislature stand testimony to the turning points in the way of today's Kerala.

Shri. E.M.S.Namboodiripad Chief Minister Intermediate; Gave up studies while studying for BA; Son of Shri Parameswaran Namboodiripad and Smt.Vishnudatta Antharjanam; born on 14 June 1909; Wife : Arya Antharjanam; 2 Sons, 2 Daughters. Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1939), 1st KLA [Nileshwar-CPI], 2nd KLA [Pattambi-CPI], 3rd KLA [Pattambi –CPI(M)], 4th KLA [Pattambi-CPI(M)], 5th KLA [Alathur-CPI(M)]. Chief Minister from 05-4-1957 to 31-7-1959 and from 06-3-1967 to 01-11-1969; Opposition Lead [...]

Shri. C.Achutha Menon Finance Graduate BL; Son of Madathil Veetil Achutha Menon and Smt.Lekshmikutty Amma; born on 13 January 1913; Wife:Ammini Amma; 1 Son, 2 Daughters. Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-53), 1st KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 2nd KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 3rd KLA [Kottarakara-CPI]. (Elected in bye-election held on 21-4-1970 and took oath on 24-4-1970), 4th KLA [Kodakara-CPI]. Chief Minister from 01-11-1969 to 01-08-1970 and from 04-10-1970 to 25-03-1977; Minister for [...]

Shri. T.V.Thomas Transport and Labour BA BL; born on 02 January 1910; Wife :K.R.Gouri Amma (Minister for Agriculture & Coir). Member, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952) & (1954), 1st KLA [Alleppey-CPI], 3rd KLA [Alleppey-CPI], 4th KLA [Alleppey-CPI]. Minister for Labour and Transport from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959, Minister for Industries from 06-03-1967 to 21-10-1969, and from 25-09-1971 to 25-03-1977, State Executive Member, CPI; Opposition Leader, T.C.L.A (1954-56); Entered [...]

Shri. K.C.George Food and Forests Post Graduate, BL; Advocate; Born on 13 January1903. Member 1st KLA [Mavelikara-General-CPI]. Minister for Food and Forests from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Member, Rajya Sabha (1952-54); Was Advocate of Travancore High Court till 1938; Leader of Travancore State Congress and its Working Committee Member; Member, KPCC; Played an active role in Punnappra-Vayalar Struggle; When the ban on Communist Party was lifted became the President of Kerala unit of the Party; J [...]