Council of Ministers

Shri. E.M.S.Namboodiripad Chief Minister Intermediate; Gave up studies while studying for BA; Son of Shri Parameswaran Namboodiripad and Smt.Vishnudatta Antharjanam; born on 14 June 1909; Wife : Arya Antharjanam; 2 Sons, 2 Daughters. Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1939), 1st KLA [Nileshwar-CPI], 2nd KLA [Pattambi-CPI], 3rd KLA [Pattambi –CPI(M)], 4th KLA [Pattambi-CPI(M)], 5th KLA [Alathur-CPI(M)]. Chief Minister from 05-4-1957 to 31-7-1959 and from 06-3-1967 to 01-11-1969; Opposition Lead [...]

Shri. C.Achutha Menon Finance Graduate BL; Son of Madathil Veetil Achutha Menon and Smt.Lekshmikutty Amma; born on 13 January 1913; Wife:Ammini Amma; 1 Son, 2 Daughters. Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-53), 1st KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 2nd KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 3rd KLA [Kottarakara-CPI]. (Elected in bye-election held on 21-4-1970 and took oath on 24-4-1970), 4th KLA [Kodakara-CPI]. Chief Minister from 01-11-1969 to 01-08-1970 and from 04-10-1970 to 25-03-1977; Minister for [...]

Shri. T.V.Thomas Transport and Labour BA BL; born on 02 January 1910; Wife :K.R.Gouri Amma (Minister for Agriculture & Coir). Member, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952) & (1954), 1st KLA [Alleppey-CPI], 3rd KLA [Alleppey-CPI], 4th KLA [Alleppey-CPI]. Minister for Labour and Transport from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959, Minister for Industries from 06-03-1967 to 21-10-1969, and from 25-09-1971 to 25-03-1977, State Executive Member, CPI; Opposition Leader, T.C.L.A (1954-56); Entered [...]

Shri. K.C.George Food and Forests Post Graduate, BL; Advocate; Born on 13 January1903. Member 1st KLA [Mavelikara-General-CPI]. Minister for Food and Forests from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Member, Rajya Sabha (1952-54); Was Advocate of Travancore High Court till 1938; Leader of Travancore State Congress and its Working Committee Member; Member, KPCC; Played an active role in Punnappra-Vayalar Struggle; When the ban on Communist Party was lifted became the President of Kerala unit of the Party; J [...]

Shri. K.P.Gopalan Industries Born in 1908. Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1951-56), 1st KLA [Cannanore-II-CPI)]. Minister for Industries and Community Development from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Secretary, North Malabar District Congress Committee; Secretary, Kerala Provincial Congress Committee (1934 and 1940); President, Kerala Trade Union Congress; Vice President, All India Motor Worker’s Union; Deputy Leader of Opposition in Madras Assembly; Volunteer in Salt Sathyagraha in 1930; Joined [...]

Shri. P.K.Chathan Local Self Government SSLC; Son of Shri Kavalan; born in 1920; Wife: Kali, 3 Sons, 1 Daughter. Member, Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (1954056), 1st KLA [Chalakudy-(Reserved)-CPI], 4th KLA [Kilimanoor-(SC)-CPI], 5th KLA [Kilimanoor-(SC) CPI]. Minister for Local Self Government and Harijan Welfare from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Chairman, Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (1974-76); President, Porathissery Panchayat; Vice Chairman, Kerala Khadi [...]

Shri. Joseph Mundassery Education and Co-operation Post Graduate; Professor, author and critic; Son of Shri Kunjuvareed and Smt.Elachar; born on 17 July 1903; Wife: Kathreena; 3 Sons, 4 Daughters. Member, Cochin Legislative Assembly (1948-49), Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1949-52) & (1954-56), 1st KLA [Manalur-CPI], 4th KLA [Trichur-Independent], Resigned the Membership on 22 September 1971. Minister for Education & Co-operation from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; First Vice Chance [...]

Smt. K.R.Gouri Land Revenue K.R.GOURI AMMA Graduate BL; Daughter of Shri.K.A.Raman and Smt.Parvati Amma; born on 14 July 1919; Husband; T.V.Thomas, Ex-Minister.Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-53) and (1954-56), 1st KLA [Sherthalai-CPI], 2nd KLA [Sherthalai-CPI], 3rd KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 4th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 6th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 7th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 8th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 9th KLA [Aroor-CPI(M)], 10th KLA [Aroor-JSS], 11th KLA [Aroor-JSS]. Minister for Revenue from 05 [...]

Shri. V.R.Krishna Iyer Law     Graduate, BL; Son of Shri.V.V.Rama Iyer; born on May 1915; Wife: Sarada. Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1952-56), 1st KLA [Tellicherry-Independent], 2nd KLA [Tellicherry-Independent]. (Contested the Elections in 1960 but lost and later declared elected to the II KLA on 7th September 1961 by the Election tribunal and took oath on 13-11-1961). Minister for Law and Irrigation from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Judge of the High Court and Supreme Court; Member,Law Co [...]

Dr. A.R.Menon Health MBBS; born on 06 April 1886. Member, Kochi Legislative Assembly (1925-45), Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly (1954-56), 1st KLA [Trichur-Independent], 2nd KLA [Parali-Independent]. Minister for Rural Development for 5 years in Cochin Legislative Council, Minister for Health from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959; Municipal Chairman, Thrissur for 14 Years; Chairman, Palakkad Municipality (Twice); Member, Madras University Senate, A.I.C.C.; Had been a Medical Practitioner in Engla [...]