The Slaughter in the Altar

Article 356 of the Constitution is the outcome of a thought scaled higher on our national integration. But the lofty aim fell to pieces in 1959 when Government of Kerala was dismissed invoking the Provision. The first slaughter in the altar of Indian democracy. Prompted by political games and international conspiracy the stage for the high drama was set. The later revelations and confessions confirmed this unholy alliance.

Well, it emboldened the vested interests not only in the state but also through out the country to get well entrenched in body politic, stonewalling reforms at every step. Off and on did both the Central and State governments in the country had to step in to appease the revolting vested interests for their continuance in power, sometimes touching as low as amending the constitutions of the country, and sometimes those amendments remaining the uttermost shame in the constitutional history of a nation or any nation at that. Thus the consequence of the dismissal of the first Communist government in Kerala is the eternal surrender of the State and Central governments of Indian union to vested reactionary forces halting our march from a medieval society to a progressive nation. Thus, the undemocratic action of the Nehruvian Government in 1959 was the first of a series of national disasters in which the Central government at the top surrendered to the manipulation of feudalistic monopolist groups. The victimser was really the victims.

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