Liberation’ struggle The political rivals of government was initially surprised at the magnitude of change initiated by the government, later decided to stall such moves lest it would lose its political constituency in Kerala to the CPI. The Congress leadership, therefore, mobilised smaller parties and splinter groups and even the Muslim League which its leader, Jawaharlal Nehru, once described as a 'dead horse', and launched the infamous 'Liberation' Struggle against the government. The politic [...]

The Slaughter in the Altar Article 356 of the Constitution is the outcome of a thought scaled higher on our national integration. But the lofty aim fell to pieces in 1959 when Government of Kerala was dismissed invoking the Provision. The first slaughter in the altar of Indian democracy. Prompted by political games and international conspiracy the stage for the high drama was set. The later revelations and confessions confirmed this unholy alliance. Well, it emboldened the vested interests not o [...]