August 1958

August 1

Unification of laws -Government appoints a three member Committee.

Government appointed a Committee to unify the laws of Travancore Kochi Malabar and Kasaragod region.
Chief Minister started discussion with the students’ representatives on settlement of various issues

August 2

Decisions taken in all party meet to provide free pass in boats owned by Water Transport Corporation, withdraw the cases in connection with the students strikes and the meet also ordered judicial enquiry.

August 4

Government agrees on the by west coat industries for the production of electronic parts.

Syllabus and text books set for the Tamil – Karnataka schools in Kerala.

August 5

Government orders to decentralize the relief activities. This order gives the Tahasildars, revenue division officers and District Collectors the power to organize relief activities according to the impact of the disaster.

Probe held on rice scandal. The merchants of Kozhikode and Kollam have been questioned today.

August 6

Amateur art societies have been exempted from entertainment tax.

August 7

Order issued to acquire land for the child maternity center in Kozhikode.

August 8

An inquiry commission was appointed to probe on the boat fare hike of Kuttanad.

August 11

Educational grants allotted to the Thiyya students of southern Malabar.

August 14

Government orders to exempt the entertainment tax for cultural programmes.

August 16

The committee set up by State government recommended making Malayalam the official language by 1965.

August 17

Kerala government’s police policy; action taken to maintain efficiency and honesty.

August 21

Kerala government declaration regarding bonus and advance for Onam.

Discussions held between E.M.S. and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on Kerala’s situation.

August 31

The government will not withdraw from Birla deal,” says E.M.S.