August 1959

August 1

Residents of the capital city gave the former members of Ministry a warm welcome.

August 2

Pandit Nehru justifies Central intervention in Kerala in Congress parliamentary meet.
In Delhi Communist Party general secretary Ajayghosh speaks about the series of events in Kerala.

August 3

Walkout by Communist members and others from parliament against Central intervention.

August 4

Communist Party Kerala State Committee passed the resolution blaming the Central Congress leadership for its conspiracy which resulted in the dismissal of Kerala government. It also proclaimed the people to preserve their rights and privileges.
August 5

Speaker denied permission to A.K.Gopalan’s resolution on the assaults and attacks against communist by those who loved the ‘vimochanasamaram’.

August 6

E.M.S. explains the facts of the sequel of events in kerala at a press conference in Delhi.
August 7

Pandit Nehru replies to the question about the Central intervention in Kerala at a press conference in Delhi. He said there will be no probe into the working of the government.

August 10

Communist members of Rajyasabha walked out in protest of the dismissal of Kerala government.

August 12

Returning from Delhi, Kerala Governor said that Agrarian Relations Bill can be implemented if the President gives consent.

August 14

T.B .Wittal Rao presented a bill regulating the involvement of Catholic churches in politics and also the political activities of catholic priests’.

August 17

Loksabha discussed about the proclamation of Presidential rule in Kerala.

August 20

Discussion in Presidential rule ended. Passed the resolution approving the Presidents proclamation. Walk out by Communist MPs and non members.

August 21

Communist leader Mr. Bhupathi Gupta was not allowed to present a bill which demands to control the use of Catholic Church for political activities.
August 24

Discussion started in Rajyasabha relating to Kerala issue.

August 25

Communist leader Mr. Bhupathi Gupta criticizes the central government intervention in Kerala in his Rajyasabha speech. Nehru gave a talk in the discussion. Rajyasabha approved the decision of Central government on the basis of majority vote.

August 26

A group of teachers’ representatives from Kerala met the Governor and gave a petition to continue the allowances provided in education act.