June 1959

June 1

Twenty four literary persons including Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai in a joint statement expressed their concern over the school picketing and anti social activities followed by the Catholic priesthood of Kerala.

June 3

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of India Ajayghosh insisted the people of Kerala to follow June 8th to14th as Kerala week in order to attain public support against the dispersal of the democratic government.

June 4

Communist MPs from Kerala met Prime Minister to discuss about the agitation started by some communalists in the state and the anti democratic stand taken by the Congress Party in support of this.

June 5

K.P.C.C. President issued a statement requesting the people to follow June 12 as Vimochanadinam which will be the first step of the ‘vimochanasamaram’ to end the Communist rule in Kerala.

Kerala government published a bill giving tenants the power on pattuzhi Devaswom land and it also end all the powers of the Devaswom.

June 6

Nehru requested the Congress men of Kerala not to participate in any action supporting the violence and communalism. He expressed his anxiety in school picketing and on the worse situations followed by it.

June 7

PSP leader Pattom Thanupillai requested the government of India to dismiss the Communist government of Kerala while addressing the public.

June 8

Kerala Assembly completed the second reading of the Agrarian Relations Bill.

June 9

Third reading of the Kerala Agrarian Relations Bill started today.

June 10

The Assembly passed the Agrarian Relations Bill. The bill which was presented on 21st December 1957 was passed after 3000 amendments. The 19 members of the opposition haven’t opposed the bill.

Nehru proclaimed that he will not suggest changing the government of Kerala through any anti democratic way.

June 12

As the first step to the ‘Vimochanasamaram’ a hartal was observed in Kerala by P.S.P, Congress, League, Catholic Church and NSS.

June 13

Five people were shot dead in police shootout. The incident happened at 10 O’ clock when a group of armed men attacked the Angamaly police station.

June 14

Karshaka Vimochanadinam was celebrated on the day of passing Agrarian Relations Bill.

June 15

Flight between police and agitators in relation with school picketing. Two killed and five injured in police shoot out at Pulluvila. Three killed and five injured at Kochuveli.

June 16

Indira Gandhi told that she was given assurance by party men at Ooty to avoid picketing at private and government schools.

June 17

Former congress party U.N.Dhebar reached Kerala to discuss the political situations with the Congress leaders.

June 20

U.N.Dhebar after completing his interrogation said to the press that the government of Kerala is responsible for the political crisis.

June 20

Indira Gandhi said in Madras that Congress wants the government of Kerala to behave in a democratic way and they were not related to the agitation on the Education Bill.

June 22

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru reached Thiruvananthapuram to study about the agitation against government by the opposition parties and communal forces.

June 23

Nehru discussed the issues with Communist Party leader M.N.Govindan Nair PSP leader Pattom Thanupillai and leaders of other parties.

June 24

Nehru attended KPCC meeting in Thiruvananthapuram and had a talk on the situation.

June 25

Nehru returned to Delhi. He assured the journalists that there won’t be an intervention of centre on the issue. E.M.S. accepts prime minister’s suggestion for a joint confrontation.

June 28

The bishops and the Christian managements declined the offer by Kerala Chief Minister for the joint discussion in Education Bill.

June 29

All India Congress Parliamentary Party meeting passed a resolution demanding a democratic way like general election to meet the situation in Kerala.