Pro-Bill procession:The Indian Express

Pro-Bill Procession.
Trivandrum, August 28.

Another big demonstration, second in three days, was held in Trivandrum today, this time to support the Kerala Education Bill, now under clause by clause consideration of the Assembly.

On Tuesday opponents of the Bill demonstrated in the city demanding the withdrawal of the Bill.
Today’s demonstration was organised by the Trivandrum District Committee of the Communist Party. Demonstrators from various parts of the district collected in front of the Museum in the heart of the city at 5p.m. and marched a two mile route to converge at a public meeting at Pazhavangadi.
The demonstrators, marching in threes, shouted slogans like “Pass the Education Bill” “Communist Party Zindabad” and “Mundassery (Education Minister) is not alone”.

On their way they placed wreaths at the foot of the Martyrs Column which was unveiled on the eve of the Independence Day by President Dr.Rajendra Prasad.

Large crowds had collected on either side of the rout of the procession which took about half an hour to cross a particular point.

Police precaution had been taken in the city today also to prevent any untoward incidents. A strong police force accompanied the procession. People pickets had been posted at important junctions on the main road.

Women also participated in the procession.
Workers from factories and State Transport, middle and low class people, teachers and students were also in the procession.

The public meeting was presided over by Mr.S.Eswara Iyer, pro-communist independent Member of Parliament.

Leaders, including the general secretary of the State Communist Party, Mr.M.N.Govindan Nair, T.C. Narayanan Nambiar, M.L.A., and K.Damodaran also addressed the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Mr.Govindan Nair, declared that the Education Bill was not against the interests of any section of the people. The Bill was intended only to safeguard the interest of teachers. He reminded a large gathering that changes had been effected in the Bill to allay the fear of a certain section of the people. He appealed to all members of the Assembly who belonged to the opposition Parties to co-operate with the Government to enact the Bill.

(The Indian Express dated 29th August 1957.)