September 1958

September 3

Administration Reforms Committees’ second report published and recommended to remove revenue board.

September 13

Government orders to allot land to the landless people.

September 15

Government to start two coir factories in Kerala on co-operation basis.

September 17

Government plan to help farmers a short term loan of 30 lakhs to enhance rice cultivation.

Kerala State transport worker’s third boat ‘Ganga’ sets for journey.

September 22

The cycle manufactured in Kerala worth Rs. 130 gets launched.

September 24

Kerala government takes action to remove domestic articles from sales tax. The government also excluded the hotels and tea shops with an annual income not exceeding 15,000 from tax.

September 29

Government decided to buy rice from open market centre given 10000 tonnes rice.
E.M.S.met Jawaharlal Nehru to discuss the situation of Kerala.