FEBRUARY 21, 1959 Mr. Speaker and Members of the Assembly, I have great pleasure in greeting you personally, for the third time, and wishing you well in the discharge of your great responsibilities. 2. The year that you have gone through was a very busy one for you. Measures of far reaching importance like the Kerala Agrarian Relations Bill and the Kerala Panchayat Bill were introduced and discussed in the Legislative Assembly during this year. The former has passed through various stages and is [...]

FEBRUARY 22, 1958 Mr. Speaker, and Members of the Assembly, I have great pleasure in once again greeting you personally and wishing you well in fulfilling the great tasks that lie ahead of you. You have had a busy time since I addressed you last. Sitting more often than at any time previously, you have in one way or other dealt with 46 Bills; 33 out of these have already become law, while the rest are going through the various stages of legislation. Such large scale legislative activity had to b [...]

APRIL 27, 1957 Mr. Speaker and Members of the Assembly It gives me very great pleasure to welcome you, Members of the First Legislative Assembly of Kerala, to the first Session which you are now holding. The occasion enhances my pleasure as it is the first time when I am having the privilege of meeting you since I was called to this office in last November. The people of Kerala have, for long, desired the formation of their own State. Their desire was fulfilled on November I last, when the major [...]

The movement for a united (Aikya) Kerala The movement for a united (Aikya) Kerala gathered momentum with the attainment of independence. The first concrete step in this direction was taken on July 1, 1949. Following the national policy of integration, the State of Kochi and Travancore were merged into Travancore-Kochi State under a Rajpramukh. The next step came with the reorganization of States on a linquistic basis in the light of the report of the States Reorganization Commission. It was deci [...]

SUGGESTIONS OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY IN BUILDING UP OF A NEW KERALA The Resolution passed by the Kerala State Conference of the Party held at Thrissur on 22, 23 and 24th of June 1956. It is with gratitude and great expectations that the Communist Party welcome the formation of the new state of Kerala, which, in all probability, will be on linguistic basis. Movements that forced the formation of states on linguistic basis have evolved as an integral part of the great struggle our people had waged t [...]

List of Participating Political Parties Party Status Abbreviation Indian National Congress National Party INC Communist Party Of India CPI Praja Socialist Party PSP Revolutionary Socialist Party State Party RSP Independent IND Constituencies Type Of Constttuency Gen Sc St Total No Of Constituencies 102 12 0 114 Contestant's Details Total Contestants In Fray 406 Average Contestants Per Constituency 4 Minimum Contestants In A Constituency I In 114 Manjeswaram Maximum Contestant In A Constituency I [...]

The coming into power of a Communist government in Kerala on April 5,1957 through electoral victory was looked upon as a socio- political miracle by the whole world. But the fact was that kerala society was evolving in such a way as to accept a government with communist ideology although a formal communist party was started only in 1939. Still the dominant section of the Indian National Congress in Malabar viz, the congress socialist party was motivated more by Marxian social synergism than by G [...]